You can help support young learners to develop their confidence, creativity and gifts simply by shopping with us. Every time you make a purchase with Healthforce we contribute some of the profits toward Launchpad House. This small school is revolutionising education by providing students with the time, freedom and resources to discover and develop their unique passions and talents.

Why is this so important?

It is now becoming increasingly well known that our mainstream schools are not equipping children with the necessary skills they will need to thrive in the 21st century. Our kids are the future and need a different education than what we had to best equip them to thrive both now and when they are adults. Launchpad wants to give all kids the opportunity to live joyful, fulfilled lives with a purpose and drive to improve the lives of others around them and the World they live in.

Thank you for shopping with us and helping support their mission.

If you would like more information about Launchpad and the work they do please visit their website.